We are the light of your space!

TYD Electronics Co. LTD

TYD Electronics Co,.LTD specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing LED and electronics products. Such as LED Floodlight, LED High Bay Light, LED Street Light, Underground Lamp, LED Panels, LED Tube, Led Downlight, Solar Flood Light, Solar Street Light, Solar Panel, decoration lights, etc.

Creative design, competitive price, fast delivery as well as best after-sales service are considered as the foundation of the company’s business. We provide customers professional service and high-quality products. As the company and its customer base grow more rapidly, the company is more committed to making even greater efforts in providing its customers with its innovative design, professional service advantages, and high-quality products. TYD electronics promises to meet the demands of any customer and live up to its name every step of the way.

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LED Flood Lights

Illuminate vast areas with our power-efficient LED flood lights. Perfect for industrial, commercial, and security needs, day and night.

LED High Bay Lights

Maximize visibility in high-ceiling areas with our LED High Bay lights. Exceptional brightness and energy savings for industrial settings.

Integrated Solar-LED Street Lights

Transform your streets with our Integrated Solar-LED lights. Reliable, sustainable, and efficient. Lighting for a brighter future.

UFO High Bay Lights

Experience superior brightness with our UFO High Bay Lights. Ideal for large-scale, high-ceiling indoor settings.

LED Panel Lights

Upgrade your spaces with our LED Panel lights. High brightness, energy-saving, and long-lasting solution for residential and commercial interiors.

LED Tube Lights

Bring vivid, cost-effective lighting to any space with our durable LED Tube Lights. Energy-efficient and designed for a long lifespan.

LED Batten Lights

Light your way with our versatile LED Batten Lights. A sleek, modern solution for illuminating commercial and residential spaces.

Solar LED Flood Lights

Illuminate your outdoor spaces with our Solar LED Flood lights. Energy-saving, high-intensity lighting powered by the sun.

Solar-LED Street Lights

Harness sunlight with our high-efficiency Solar-LED street lights. Bright, sustainable, instant-on lighting for safer streets.

We are the light of your space!

TYD Electronics Co. LTD

Experience the journey of TYD Electronics Co. LTD through this captivating video. Delve into our company’s passion for LED and electronics products, showcasing our commitment to creative design, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service. Witness the seamless integration of technology and quality in our product offerings, as we strive to be the light of your space. Join us on this immersive visual exploration of our expertise and dedication to meeting your lighting needs.